Prudence Technology

BPM-Prudence Data Solutions’s Business Process Management approach of uniting people, processes and technology helps companies become more agile and responsive to changing market trends and offer compelling value proposition to their customers.

SAP-Our experienced team of SAP recruiters and account managers are connected to wide range of hiring managers and consultants nationally. Our vast connections and depth of knowledge in the SAP market allows us to be on the front lines of the latest versions of the full SAP suite, from core SAP modules to specialized solutions.

Java- Our Java developers know how to build unique venture level frameworks and integrate them with other business frameworks. We provide bespoke ERP solutions for a variety of industries, including banking and accounting, coordinating, medical care, and so on. Our full-stack Java developers are always honing their skills, delivering high-quality, full-cycle enhancements that include planning, sending, testing, upkeep, and backing. We create a variety of bespoke programming items using Java’s dexterous development system that totally meet the needs and specifications of our clients.

DevOps-We at Pruddence Data Solutions  have taken the DevOps consulting model to the next level by presenting Pruddence Data Solutions as a DevOps Service Provider on Request, which makes all DevOps resources available at the press of a button. Do you require DevOps knowledge? DevOps as a Service is offered by Pruddence Data Solutions as a standalone service or as part of the software development process. We also offer DevOps services such as continuous integration and distribution of devices, DevOps automation, release management, maintenance, and guidance.

QA-Our QA experts have been using the latest methods and improvements for more than ten years to ensure competent execution and top-notch project execution for the world’s largest projects, assisting in the delivery of strong programming on time. We completed the most important testing projects on time and on budget using highly developed QA cycles and the most up-to-date apparatus and procedures. As a result, QA Services provides programming and equipment project assistance, acting as an extension of your internal team. To assist you meet project needs, our trained and experienced designers work within your setup cycles and groups.